After years of playing as a trio, we invited guitarist Geoff Union to join the Band. Instantly, we felt so at home that we hunkered down in the back yard and got to work on some recordings.

David Grisman and Vassar Clements stopped by while they were in town and added their touch to a couple tracks.

From the lonesome to the lithesome, this album marks our beginning in the ongoing search for the sound. This is what we have found...insofarasmuch.

  1. Insofarasmuch
  2. Bunkhouse Blues
  3. Sonny's Ride
  4. Alabama Blues
  5. All Day
  6. Somewhere Between
  7. Thanks Norman
  8. You Can't Run Away From Your Feet
  9. Dang, Howdy!
  10. Old Grey Mare
  11. Old Place
  12. River's Risin'

Praise for "Insofarasmuch" ...

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